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Beautiful and smart girl that will steal your tacos. Very feisty but absolutely loyal no matter what. She's an all around amazing person with a vibrant and crazy personality. You are lucky to be friends with a Mikaelah and should be careful if you ever get on her bad side because she knows how to hide a body. You will only get her really upset if you hurt somebody she is close to. She will stand up for what's right and ignore the haters. She's got a great body with an amazing booty. Tends to fart at the gym.
"Damn, I wish I could date Mikaelah, she's so hot!"
by Tato_lex July 12, 2017
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1} Spawn of Satan, stupid cunt hoe, irritating, disrespectful, fugly bitch that doesn't know how to act around normal people, boys should not be all over her. yuck.

2} (male) Psychotic, bipolar, narcissistic, all around douche bag. Loves to domineer conversations. Pro drummer. (so she thinks). Short tempered, foul-mouth, but quick to come crying back in a stream of tears begging for God's forgiveness. Hopes to one day have a pack of wolf pups running around her home. Brain washes men and controls their every move. Beware of the Courtney, she'll be looking for her next victim pretty soon when "he" leaves her. If he can.

3} The act of recieving oral sex while standing up right, ending with the reciever not only shooting his sperm rocket into one of the giver's eyes, but also kicking the giver in one of his/her shins, thereby hindering the giver with a "peg leg" and a defunct eye.

4}The secret ingredient of a Big Mac.
"Mikaelah is a Cunt-Bagel With A Petaphile Boyfriend!!!"
by young Nijjjjjiah April 23, 2010
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