When a man with a large beard goes down on a woman with crabs.
John's been scratching his face alot, he must have experienced the Minnesota Mallard Migration.
by DXbuddie November 27, 2019
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What happens when your boyfriend cooks you a meal so good your panties hit the floor
The spaghetti a la carbonara was of such high quality she could not be blamed for the post mastication underwear migration.
by chick wowchich wow March 24, 2017
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Someone who often Instant Migrates.

These people seem to think saying something as simple as 'bye' or 'cya' before they leave your IM conversation is too difficult, so they go without saying goodbye.
Person #1: Morning, instant migrator
Person #2: What?
Person #1: You instant migrated from our convo last night
Person #2: So?
Person #1: You do it all the time.
Person #2: I CBA to say goodbye. (Person #1 walks away annoyed) Wait where are you going? Your just gonna leave without saying anything? I would never do that to you.
by urban--english-dictionary October 30, 2007
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A time period in the NBA where powerhouses of the West migrated to the East, shifting the level of sovereignty and dominance with it. This also includes the formation of powerhouses within the Eastern Conference itself.
Starting in 2008 with the acquisition of KG and Sugar Ray to 2011 with the creation of the Miami and New York's newly formed "The Big Three", the Great Migration will change the face of NBA from henceforth.
by P.Caps February 24, 2011
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