An aweful headache; the worst thing ever; a head ache that makes your head feel like it is spilting open
OMG I had the worst migrane after physics class
by skigirl February 15, 2011
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I-I-I I got a migrane, and my pain will range from up down and sideways
Normal Person : I have a horrible migrane..
Me:I-I-I I got a migrane, and my pain will range from up dow-
Normal Person: nOOoOo-
by TheGayEmoKid July 25, 2017
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Yoo, requis keep on talking and he gave me a negronic migrane
by Ook and gluk February 11, 2018
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when u continously slap your cock on the female partners head until the female partner has a migrane from the pain
God damn it claire u got to stop the my dick migranes on weekdays you suck dick now you havent sold one magazine bith
by mark L Twain July 11, 2008
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When a white knight is simping so hard it grinds your gears.
Neil: I wonder what she will do when her looks fade.
Chad: Probably start an OnlyFans.
Neil: She is not that type of girl.
Chad: Stop simping, your giving me migranes.
by rubyxcoffman January 7, 2021
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The most deadly kind of snake there is
Person A: Oh fuck I just got bitten by a migran
Person B: Go to the hospital urgently otherwise you’ll develop horny
by alternateUniverse September 18, 2021
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