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Someone who is such a midget that, from afar, they resemble a chicken nugget.
Kid 1: "Yooo I can see Mo over by the swings"
Kid 2:" wait no, that's not a person"
Kid 1: "Nahh it's him--he's just a miget"

Kid 1: "Yoooo. Can I get a 5 piece chicken nugget meal?"
McDonald's Employee: "You mean a 5 piece migget?"
Kid 1: "ye, my bad. Them miggets short as hell"
McDonald's Employee: "You with the shiz?"
Kid 1: "Nahhh imma dog walk your ass"
by Don't report April 11, 2019
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1) n. a black dwarf.

2) n. a dark halfling.

3) n. a burnt, vertically challanged individual.

See Also: Orgit
Jessica and I breed miggets.


Did that migget just demand that you buy it a turkey leg?
by Shpoiken April 29, 2005
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1: Slimy demonic entity , typically screeching like an autistic walrus.

2:Complement one in the form of an insult

《Dimension,Galaxy,planet of origin 》
1st Dimension ○țø ï§h ļå●
Virgo super cluster
Milky way
Earths only lunar orbiter
(My Aunt just Cucked my uncle,what a Migget)
by Migget_66 July 30, 2018
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