Half a gram of marijuana (0.5G) normally sold for $5. Also commonly referred to as a nickel sack.
"Yo nigga I got 5 bucks, lets grab a 5 piece."
by DarkCore May 25, 2009
Five parts of a body that are perfectly proportionate and ample, ie; a woman’s hair, eyes, smile, breasts, and bottom.
“Yo, I got a 5 piece left at the house
That girl been a 5 piece all her life”
by Daillestrealist July 11, 2019
1. A fist that someone uses to fight another person.
2. Scott when he's pissed.
3. A threat word.
4. Something that you give to someone to show 'em who's boss.
Yo fool you best shut up or I'll give some a my 5-Piece!
by Matt157 February 12, 2009
The weirdest reaction to an unusable Phantom Forces clip made by the incredible RaGe (Not rage anymore) Cato. He is also known for the worst collat mallbang because he is all luck no skill.

Yes he hit a 5 piece with collat from like 30 studs.
by Catolol October 9, 2020