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The name has many ego irons acording to the language

In English-a gift from God

Hebrew-welcoming woman
Irish-beautiful eyes

She does NOT like being like everyone else,or doing things that she's not comfortable with to make people like her,she always try to make people happy and comfort them when needed but if you mess with one of her loved ones she will turn into a savage cat and defend them,she loves being outdors and learning new things.usually small and cute but with a great body and very mature when making decisions,also a personality like no other and that's what makes her so diferent from all other girls,sheyla's are always very nurturing and make people feel special! She has very welcoming eyes and an adorable friendly smile that makes it super easy for her to be friends with just about everyone and if someone isn't her friend it's more than likely because they're jelous they can't be her and liked by everyone like her.Everyone loves this girl and I mean EVERYONE
Boy 1: "dude I met this perfect girl,like everything about her is amazing! Her personality,her beauty,her maturity.."

Boy 2: "what's her name?"

Boy1: "Sheyla!"

Boy:2 "that makes sense"
by Lana G December 13, 2014
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A beautiful girl who is sweet and kind. A person who is a loving person and cares for everyone. She also has gorgeous eyes and hair. Don't forget a gorgeous face! If a Sheyla is insulted she will defend herself and if one of her friends are insulted she stands up for them also. So basically a girl who is perfect!
"Omg shes so nice! She must be a Sheyla!"
by duudesam May 31, 2014
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A term for beautiful eyes, usually a name for a person who loves to swim, be outside, and listen to music. She is stubborn and gets confused very easily. She will usually almost always pick your day up even when she can't pick up her own.
She has gorgeous eyes, she must be a Sheyla.
by OmNom,Tom. May 04, 2010
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A funny and beatiful girl, shes very trustworthy and everyone wants to be with her. She doesnt want to be the same as everyone else and is a sarcastic ad savage person. Shes a true friend and will always have your back. Shes very judgy and itll take a while for her to like you. she is very reliable and a wonderful person to be around.
"she looks so cool and unique she must be a sheyla"
by minyoonvii November 01, 2018
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A hispanic or indian girl that typically looks of asian descent. A very beautiful girl with nice long hair and dark eyes. She is very smart but not when it comes to men. She is the type that will do anything for a man even if it means backstabbing those closest to her. She can be nice but is very fake. Beware of some Sheylas
She looks like a bitch she must be a sheyla.
by 69Ariellegreenvodka69 November 10, 2015
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An extremely critical, tall, Nicaraguan girl, who enjoys Frank Sinatra, playing Grand Theft Auto 4, and Guitar Hero. She has an obsession with Italians and Roman Warfare. White people tend to urk her at most times. She also hates how nobody talks to her. She also insists that every single vagina stinks like rotten fish and old mayonnaise.
(A Sheyla) Ew omg look at that girl's hair. It's so ugly; why does she wear it like that?

-Stop being such a Sheyla, geez.

(A Sheyla) CLOSE, your legs. I can already smell that foul odor.

-Hello.. I actually clean my pussy thanks.
by Marissathephenomenal October 17, 2009
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