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Pulling a "Midger" is best described as a person who misleads someone in to believeing they are skint & asks for money with a promise to payback withing a few days after being paid. (generally only small amounts cash) Once you have handed over the cash, the person in question will tend to ignore you &/or your requests for the cash back under the impression that you will hopefully "forget" about the money, if you are persistant with your request you will grudgingly get it back however.
Marks pulled a midger on my ass again...

What an butthole, still a lesson to be learnt here.


Jules has taken my money again, I saw him down the bookies about 2 hours later so I know he wasnt skint.. Asshole

Looks like you got midgered.
by swiftassasin86 April 06, 2010
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A very short, black person. The combination of two words; nigger and midget.... Not intended as a derogatory word, but DAMN, it makes SUCH good sense!

Midger (MIJJ-er)
Damn dude, that foo Jamal aint nothing but a little ass midger!!
by Ballico Sakc Dragger November 28, 2009
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