Micheal is a man. Who is very sweet. Do anything to make you feel good. Has the most intense eyes. Phenomenal lips, Has a great body. When he fights he is the sexiest mother fucker alive. He loves you for who you are. Has an Asian fetish. He is loved by every woman. He may be an ass but has the heart to make you feel alot better. He may be a stupid bitch that drinks alot of aloohol. Or cuts himself. Yet he is amazing and noone would want to leave him. His definition is my love <3
nice handsome sweet cute amazing Micheal
by ZINJINSMOOT February 18, 2010
Micheal’s are very strong, talented, smart, and good in both the class rooms and in the street. They are very loving and can really show devotion and love for the lucky woman/girl that he can call his. Micheal’s are very independent and can get very jealous and protective at times. They are known to have short tempers but once you get to know them they can be helpful, loyal, caring, and amazing in every way. Once he has his eyes on someone he has eyes for only that one person and is dedicated and funny as well. Micheal’s(despite thier short tempers, protectiveness, and wierd humor) are amazing people that are the best friends and boyfriends to have as well

They will take care of you and will also be ready to figt for you no matter the time or place and will always be there for you in the hard times.
I’m so lucky to have Micheal as my best friend, I can really count on him

I love Micheal because he is so caring and talented
by Mikeal_246& July 7, 2018
A big whore known by the lebanese population as "sharmouta" "zabra" and "a7be"
His dick measures 7 cm on erection
His familly name is ziade
Micheal a5ou sharmouta
Badde nik egenie
by Charboul December 27, 2017
Micheal, the guy that will come into your life and suddenly mean the world to you. His kindhearted, hilarious, hot af, the guy of your dreams. His an angel that makes his friends feel like they are in heaven. He’ll shower you with love and appreciation. Your heart skips beats when his around. His a little angle that needs to be loved and given a lot of attention. If you happen to be his friend then count yourself as one of the luckiest people, he’ll adore you till the end of time. it’s not everyday you’ll meet such an amazing person.
1: who is that?

2: that’s micheal the smartest in our class
by Baby Dinosaur September 17, 2019
A poorly spelled version of the name Michael, generally the more unobservant people spell the name Michael like this. Michael is the #4 most common name in the US, yet way too many people spell it incorrectly!
(Chatting with friends online):

Person-not-named-Michael: Hey Micheal!
Michael: It's spelled Michael, not Michael. SPELL IT RIGHT!
by MichaelCanSpell! December 9, 2009
Uses girls

Will not talk to you unless you suck his dick (girl or boy) but will not perform oral sex

Scared of vagina's and orgasms #justthetipin
Calls his mom to come during masturbation
Arrogant piece of shit
That bitch was a "micheal"
I mean he was such a "micheal" and he refused to return the favour
by MONSTER COCK 10000000 November 18, 2018