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That one friend everyone has that is lowkey petty, kinda funny, rarely nice, but cool with almost everyone.This person is super random, sometimes to serious, and seems like she has no self-esteem but she is a really good flistner and great listener.
Tommy-Michaiah is being so uptight today
Mari-She is annoyed cuz yall dont understand that when she call herself Uglah its a metaphor

Tommy-Well then she need to stop saying it
by Lil.lyfestyle March 03, 2017
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The sweet guy, that doesn't seem like your type at first. But then you get to know him and you find out you have a lot in common. He seems like a player at first but then you find out that he has a lot of love to give.
You Hi Michaiah
Michaiah Hi, i missed you so much.
by armmyychickk5 February 04, 2010
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That on person at school that never has beef and has friends from all groups is nice and considerate and gets good grades. Michaiah is just a great person over but hides all their secrets.
Michaiah is a totally awsome person
by Shemakesjdie August 25, 2018
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