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A huge celebrity, known for his famous dancing videos on youtube. He has an abnormally big atoms apple and a long deck, somewhat like a giraffe. It gets ladies with the snap of his fingers. He is also a Call of Duty master raking up over 123 nukes in MW2. He's also an avid colts fan even though he does'nt know the NFL. He is just a real baller.
Dude did you see that giraffe? No, that was just Michael George.
by jmoneysexual January 19, 2011
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Boys with the name of Michael George usually don't like girls with the name Jo. He probably hates her. Michael George is usually pretty decent when it comes to sports like baseball. He can be really stubborn sometimes and drive people (Jo) crazy. He thinks he's daddy but he's really not. Michael usually has dark brown eyes that can scare people sometimes. Michael can also be v mean, but he can be v nice too.
OMG is that Michael George?
No thats not Michael George, that's a pineapple. hehe
by CracBoiz February 06, 2019
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