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A libertarian Presidential candidate who espouses the views of the Libertarian Party, dedicated to reduce government spending, establishing a hard-currency system, Withdrawing from the UN and expelling them,*finally*, Eliminating the nonsensical "assault-weapons ban", Keeping the government out of marital affairs, getting out of Iraq because it's been such a mess. Basically the only party worth voting for.
I was going to vote for Bush, then I found out about the Libertarian Party, now I plan to vote for Michael Badnarik.
by Japanadan October 09, 2004
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Libertarian who ran for presidency; he got arrested when trying to enter the presidential debates.
I voted for him instead of being another sheep voting for bush or kerry. Most people I know yelled at me, to which I said "fuck you, I am my own person, and if I don't think that either bush or kerry were worth voting for, then fuck 'em".
by Eric Melech April 19, 2005
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Libertarian presidential candidate for 2004.

Probably the best and most respectable Libertarian candidate yet.

Worked with David Cobb throughout the election for the fight to get third party candidates into the CPD-sponsored presidential debates. Was arrested with Cobb for attempting to enter one.
I hope Michael Badnarik runs again in 2008.
by DrIdiot May 30, 2005
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