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Mica is a really pretty girl, she can be weird sometimes but knows how to make someone laugh. She has the most loud and crazy laugh ever, Mica doesn't have a settled one. She changes up her style often, her hair and clothes, she doesn't care what people think most of the time. She always wants to do things with her friends and she loves doing something creative like drawing, poetry, photography or acting. She has a crush on many people but really her heart belongs to one person only.
Person A: Hey you seen that girl who keeps screaming for no reason?
Person B: Yeah I think she's called Mica
by ShhhIMnobody February 10, 2020
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Mica is the bestfriend anyone could ever have. Mica is often annoying but that's part of what makes her so great. A Mica is a friend who will make you laugh until you cry. Everyone wants to be friends with mica and if they dont they are on drugs.
Person 1: Who is that?
Person 2: Oh that's just Mica.
Person 1: I'm gonna go talk to her. She seems really nice
by Blahnik April 16, 2019
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An art school,named Maryland Institute College of Art, located in Baltimore on Mt Royal. One of the top art schools in the nation, though no one knows what you are talking about when you say, "I go to mica." The school contains a bunch of colorful, amazing, overworked, and under slept artists who live off of coffee. Micans have some of the most amazing parties and do some serious work. The college is near Johns Hopkins, Peabody, and a load of other colleges.
Person 1: Who is that crazy kid with the blue hair walking down Mt. Royal?
Person 2: Oh, it's cool they go to mica.

Non mica student(NMS):Where do you go to college?
mica Student(MS):I go to mica
NMS: mica?
MS: It's an art school... one of the top in the nation...*rolls eyes*
NMS:oh... cool
by A mica student November 27, 2006
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A girl who is very friendly and hott!!! Does great in school and loves hangin out with friends, and not to mention like fish bait to the guys
"hey do you like mica?"
"no duh what do you think i am a retard"
by goodgirl101 February 04, 2010
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A green card giving a non-citizen permission to work and live legally in the U.S.
She married an American, so now she has la mica.
by David G. Epstein August 08, 2004
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Maryland Institue college of art

found in Baltimore Maryland
person 1-I go to mica!

Person 2-Whats that?

person 1-art college! woooo
by Samuel L. Jackson jr. July 05, 2006
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