short for missing in action. basically a member of the armed forces who didn't return home after serving, and whose whereabouts are unknown. may or may not be dead
Guy 1: "My dad is MIA, I saw him leave to go to the military years ago, and then I never saw or heard from him again. Nobody knows where he is"
Guy 2: "That's sad"
by nlolhere July 16, 2020
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A hot girl who makes all the boys drool. she has a smokin body. She’s got a booty and is great in bed...She is nice and kind to everyone. Her eyes will melt your heart. All the boys always compliment her but she doesn’t believe them, she’s a hot sexy girl that all the boys love, never let her go or break her heart.
by Lolcandycane December 22, 2017
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A girl who has two modes, responsible mom mode, and your super drunk friend who thinks everything is funny mode. No matter what mode she is in she will always be there for you. Or vise versa when your holding her hair back so she can puke. You love your Mia. She can be crazy or compile, but you wouldn't trade that for the world.
Wow, she is such a Mia. Only Mia's act like that
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by Original. Girl February 11, 2017
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Mia is a very funny girl. She is someone who most people don't understand. Once you get to know Mia you will be captivated by her, she has nice eyes, Mia is a tough girl who can stand up for herself. Mia means "Mine" in Spanish. She gets very attached to people enough so that she is yours. Mia acts very tough in front of people but, she is very emotional. Mia is a nice girl, always keep Mia in your life she is special.
I didn't like Mia at first but now she is my best friend!
by Moniqu' December 26, 2017
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mia is a tall beautiful girl who is actually psycho, and crazy. If you talk shit to her she is not afraid to talk or physically fight you. She will always have a hot bestfriend named alexis.
omg have you seen mia she threw a girl down the stairs!

Mias bestfriend alexis is so hot

mia is so beautiful omgjdkdkfkf
by vericona lodge April 12, 2019
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