He is the cutest and kindest boy ever ...
He has the prettiest smile ever and is heart warming !
He would give you his sweater and hold your hand .
He would dance and spin you around in the pouring rain ...

He would eat a milkshake with you in summer !

He would teach you to skate and catch you tightly if you fall ...
He would come over if you're upset .
He can sing so nicely ( im not lying)

arthur meyer.
by a.mushroom.gurlll May 01, 2021
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Caden and Meyer are low key the stray when it comes to combat. With Meyers incomparable lightsaber moves he is a worthy opponent. While Caden on the other hand has skills of hitting fingers with lightsabers his main attribute is throwing stuff at the enemy while Meyer does the real work. Caden is a certified morale booster.
by Obi-wan is life October 21, 2019
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he is a faggot that means he likes bois not girls hints the faggot thing if you have a caden meyers in your life you should probably kill your self like right in front of them it gives them a erotic Bonner level 4 if you know what i mean. so uh you have a caden well thats the end of the line for you. hahaha. has a micro cock and doesnt wash or cut hair. will suck your cock on demand
have you seen the gay caden meyers?
no but he's probably sucking a penis out back
by mathies April 16, 2019
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Cady Meyer is usually a girl with a strong urge for a person or a thing as a bf/gf. Usually has as odd obsession with something weird or not normal. Like Memes, Anime, or hot boys that are out of her league. They'll show you the time of your life if you choose to be her friend, so be careful to never let them go. If they ever decide to leave you, just remember that it took a lot out of them because they usually get attached to people or things. Although, they do have a hard time showing their emotions and therefor are usually single.
Chris: Dude, I'm begging to think I'm getting attached to this rock... I mean, look at it's curves, it's color, how it kinda-doesn't look like that one girl i lo-

Jayden: Hey, watch out, you might end up like Cady Meyer
by Pojo Hype August 27, 2017
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Someone you spent the formative years of your young adulthood with. She loves the ocean and sharks. She worked at a winery and was a volunteer diver at a major aquarium. She put up with a lot of your bullshit for a long time. More than a bit forgetful and definitely a chaotic spaz. Has iridescent green and blue and gray eyes. Makes you think of the beach when you put your face to her sandy hair. Has a calming smile like a cool sea breeze on a hot day. Fiercely independent and goes for the jugular in verbal beatdowns. From perfume fights to geocache hikes, the time you shared will stay with you, even though the two of you couldn't work out a future together.
I love you Emily Meyer and I always will.
by TheOneForPeace October 10, 2020
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A person that helps people and feels happy for everyone. They are very active and good at most of sports. They are outside lots and likes to adventure.
Ethan Vincent Umo Meyer is the best person ever.
by Ethan Vincent Umo Meyer May 26, 2021
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