Do not expect to get the same result from those of Mexicans portrayed in Hollywood movies.
Mexican standoff involves two individuals that are not able to come a resolution but neighter wants to compromise.
by Steel-rain December 12, 2010
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The awkward scenario where one person goes to kiss another on the cheek and the recipient moves for the mouth (or vice versa). This results in a repeated back and forth movement where both parties keep moving to rectify their facial position, creating a kung fu movie visual.
Andre attempted to say goodbye by kissing Lena on the cheek, however, Lena was looking for more, causing quite a Mexican Standoff between the two of them.
by Snocap September 20, 2006
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When two dudes stare into each other’s eyes while jerking off frantically; the person that cums last has to lick the other persons cum off the floor.
David: I played Mexican Standoff with Jared yesterday and he lost!
Matt: I wonder how it tasted since you have a carpet!
by bitchlasagna November 15, 2017
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Whichever incredibly talented sportsman happens to be playing at number 10 for Mexico's Rugby Union Team. Also sometimes called a Mexican Fly-half or a Mexican Outside-half.
If Rodrigo keeps working on his kicking he could one day be a Mexican Stand-off!

Luis- I saw a great Mexican Stand-off on the TV yesterday.
Carlos - Really? Were you watching a Spaghetti Western or something?
Luis - No, I watching Mexico v Guatemala Rugby on pay per view...

Jonny Wilkinson is a great rugby player but even he doesn't have the one quality required to be a Mexican Stand-off. He isn't Mexican.
by Rxmcgree May 02, 2010
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When a mexican standoff is called, usually done with co-workers at work, everyone stops working. The last person to work is the winner.
There was much pride at stake when Angry Dave, the cook, called a Mexican Standoff. You should have seen him sweat when an order came in.
by Mitchca April 10, 2006
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1) A standoff. As used today "Mexican" is pointless & the phrase makes no sense. Do you ever wonder why it isn’t called a Canadian or Bulgarian standoff? Also note nearly all the other definitions in this lexicon that start with “Mexican” are unflattering to the culture.

2) Early to mid 20th century S Texas term for a rout. Colorful language used by the profoundly racist (white) Texans of that era. The joke being that in a fight, the Mexican always runs away and later explains that his lack of injury was because "We just stood & stared at each other for a while and then went home."

1)Too silly to use in a sentence.

2)In a scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," the killer rabbit quickly turns the skirmish into a Mexican standoff as the terrified knights obey King Arthur's order to "Run Awaaay!"

by Ramon Adams April 23, 2006
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When you and your roommate both masturbate while pretending to be asleep, each keeping one eye open to make sure the other one doesn't 'wake up'.
This unintentionally awkward situation will probably occur several times during the average college semester.
Roommate 1: "Yo man I jerked off so hard last night, thank god you didn't wake up."
Roommate 2: "Haha me too..."
Roommate 1: "Oops, that was totally a mexican standoff..."
by thenotoriousdonut March 27, 2016
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