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The theory that Mexicans are taking over America. Supporting facts of this theory is:

1.)Mexicans everywhere

2.)When you read something, it has the same thing in

english and spanish.

3.)Songs sang in spanish. Sold in America.

4.)People named Jose
Holly- I went to McDonalds yesterday and like all the

employees were from damn Mexico. I couldn't

understand them, im never goin there again.
(Because of mexamerica, McDonalds could go bankrupt.)

Melony- Havn't you heard of Mexamerica? It's a terrible

thing, what this country is ending up to be.
by fukyousoberbitch November 26, 2009
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The country America is becoming. . . Mexico, and America combined . . . Poor America D:
Person 1: Dude, wtf is up with all these mexicans in America?
Person 2: Duh haven't you heard? This place is turning into freaking MexAmerica or some shit >:O
by MagicalMary November 14, 2009
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