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A Mevans is a mythological creature that is believe to be attracted to and stalks lots of things, usually dinosaurs. A Mevans gives out harmful toxins in the form of body odeur. It was believed that if a Mevans considers you as a 'friendly' target, then it would be next to impossible to avoid it. It was renowned for have exceptionally greasy hair, it is said that it squeezes the grease from it's hair and drinks it as it has essential nutrients for a Mevans to survive.
Some students at Ashby School suffer from the dreaded curse of a Mevans...They prefere not to talk about it.
by Belieber69 December 16, 2011
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The artistic expression in photography when upon a field study, trends can be found from photograph to photograph such as the same models, the same poses, or leading with one's "best side" facing the camera every time a frame is captured.

A mevan is also one's instinctive pose one snaps to automatically when a surprise or spur of the moment photographer raises a camera.
A. "Dude why does Stacy always take pictures with her hand on her hip?"

B. "Man that's her mevan, her thumb's kind of jacked up from a vicious dog attack when she was a child so she hides it in pictures."

A. "Oh, that makes sense."
by PhotoArtist January 03, 2013
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In the british Isles, A Mevan is also referred to a male with a large penis. Mevis an abberviation of this term.
"Did you hear about James from east park, he's a total Mevan!"
by Cabbie Brown May 18, 2006
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A person with many nicknames and, if a girl, doesn't have a large penis.
Nicknames given to a mevan: mevna, meev, mevanna, myvan, melvin, mev, meva, etc.
by nekocho March 31, 2007
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Someone who is completely incapable of sharing their feelings. Often acts like they want to talk about feelings, but then backs away from subject.
by barbsandwire January 01, 2011
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