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A phrase derived from the Endz of Brighton, Origin unknown.
Used to describe something really cool or sexy. Also occasionaly used to help give a better imagery when describing a male with an extra large penis.
Can also be used as a farewell amongst mandem or to mean fucking hard.
Describing something cool or fit:
"That BuffTingram is fuckin' Mev"

When talking about large Penises:
"Yeh, I pulled down his boxers and that boys cock was bloody Mev, it sprung up and knocked me in the face"

As A Farewell:
"Peace Out, MevTown Down"

And Of Course:
"That bit of gash would get Mevved"
by AmazingAlex March 08, 2006
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the word mev has its origins in navan, ireland. it is the shortened version of the word mevrington which is used to describe someones stupidity.

when using the word mev it is best advised to go into great detail explaining how much of a mev the person in question is...
someone commits an act of stupidity...."that guy/girl is a mev"

when noting that that person is in fact a mev elaboration usually ensues...

"he/she is a descendant of the great serpant king mevronium the 3rd and so is the rightful heir to the throne of mevlania, he/she is the grand mevshall of the yearly st.mevrington parade and resides in mevrington hall where he/she rules over all the little mevringtons"
by silkenvale March 24, 2008
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Used to desrcribe one that hangs out at 7-Eleven and drinks the sand
Matt Gordon is a total Mev
by MattIsThePushButtonKid March 02, 2005
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name given to TATE's of Haitian descent. The word comes from the German word for grundle, which also refers to the skin between an asshole and penis/vagina. They are known for their mating call, which, more or less, sounds like: "UH UH UH!" while flicking the wrist of one or both hands.
Boy 1: Yo u met that girl TATE??
Boy 2: Stupid, u mean Mevs?
Boy 1: Yeah, same difference.
by the TATE keeper September 24, 2006
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