A Meu is a gigantic weeaboo. If someone is called Meu, they most likely orgasm at the mere mention of Japan or anything remotely Japanese.
Sane person: Hey, wanna get some Sushi?

Meu: Uggghhh *Jizz leaks down leg*
by Princess Ren June 29, 2015
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Pronounced: Mee-you

A noun that expresses how you feel when I put "Me" in "You"
Omg that's so amazing!
That's so euphoric!
Ahhhhhhhh thats so meu!
by Happy Mr E Man July 2, 2019
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term of affection meaning anything from hug to love
1) Meu you
2) Meu *proceed to have puppy dog eye look until hugged*
by Dutchface May 27, 2007
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latin for my or mine
that is meus (my, mine) child
Mitte hunc mea gratia.
by killer656 February 9, 2011
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The most beautiful girl in the hood or block. One that is smart and funny too. Involved in commited relationship.
Damn I just got this fly girls number, I hope she will be my meu
by dave dawg June 10, 2003
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ugly girl, covered in herpes and zits
by ewww June 11, 2003
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