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When one consumes so much meth they proceed to take any two random and unrelated events, scenarios, theories, etc., then proceed to analyze them so deeply that they prove to be perfectly congruent such that it actually validates their preposterous claim
“I scored some fire shard and spend the last 7 days creating 17,456 methaphors out of complete nonsense and inadvertently discovered the meaning of life. Rail this line and let me explain...”
by Bigg Wes April 19, 2018
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A metaphor that one could only come up with while high on drugs, especially crystal meth.
"Bro! That stoplight is a nexus connecting time, reality and sandwiches!"

"Dude, if you make one more methaphor, I swear to god I'm stopping the car."
by AKTim August 27, 2012
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