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In contemporary circles, a term that has displaced “testicles” in definition, and one allegedly named for Philadelphia Phillies general manager, Ruben Amaro, with his unwavering ability to pull off repeated, bold trade maneuvers.

amaros: noun \a-mar- ōs\ (1) instruments of a higher mammal species with purposeful reproducibility usually within its enclosing structures. See: testis, balls (slang), wheels (British cockney). (2) extreme fortitude or gutsiness; aggressive, alpha.

—amarocular adj.

First known usage: 21st century. From Spanish: Amaro

See also: camaro- a car with balls.
‎All he does is pass, pass, pass! Would it kill him to run the ball and control the clock? I swear, Andy Reid's amaros have yet to descend!

‎Man, being a Philadelphia Eagles fan is a lot like getting blue amaros from an ugly chick down the shore—they get you close, but just can finish you off. And what do you have left? Sore amaros and your friends making fun of you.
by Descartes B. Forthehorse July 30, 2011
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(n.) a sensationalist in scientist's clothing with a propensity for being incorrect while looking good on camera.

See also: snake oil salesman.
The meteorologist on television told me to prepare for the storm of the century, so like a dutiful follower I stocked up on foodstuffs and necessities. Alas, it was just a thunderstorm.

Damn, meteorologists seem to have less scientific backing than fortune tellers! I cannot believe I cancelled my weekend plans because of their forecast!
by Descartes B. Forthehorse August 28, 2011
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