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A large, spaceborne rock usually hell-bent on running into us and burning up in our atmosphere. Only very rarely do they ever make it anywhere near the Earth's surface. When they do, the results are usually rather catastrophic.

Unfortunately, a number of lame recent movies have popularized the idea of "death by spaceborne object".

For more information, read "Lucifer's Hammer."
That's a big meteor, but it'll still burn up in the atmosphere
by Fax Celestis October 21, 2004
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Word often used to describe an humilliating death, created in Super Smash Bros Melee ''Bonus Vs Melee''
a.k.a. Meteor Smash

1. when someone is trying to recover from a KO and is killed in a downward direction with an A+down air smash in SSB, SSBM & SSBB

2. when it dies humiliatingly

a. suicide or self-destruction (even if its voluntary)

b. when it starts shouting after losing a match

c. when the match end in less than 10 sec (even if it retires)

d. when it lose because of the stage or a distraction (u ve to laugh if that happen)

e. if it dies when someone jumps over the player (only SSBB)

f. another epic fail
Guy 1: haha, u cant beat me!! *pushed to the precipice* What the...?? no, dont please!! *touched by the top of Marth's Falchion*
TV Screen: GAME
All in the room: What a Meteor!!!

Normal Guy: hey the match started!!!
Noob: W8!! I forgot to change the color of my character

Normal Guy: Whaaat?? Meteor!!

Guy waiting for a joystick: Give me the damn joystick!!
by SandRox July 01, 2010
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To totally pwn someone at ssb by jumping above them when over the edge of the level, and punting them down and out.
Often accompanied with the phrase "Shazam!"
Hyrule palace, last 2 seconds, Captain Falcon floats above Fox.

Impossibly long leg stretches out.



"Wow, what a meteor."
by El dddddddddd September 28, 2006
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when a girls boobs out wieght, mass, and out size your own head, without being overweight. aka- huge tits
"dang look at those meteors, there huge. That could take down the planet"
by 4th Coming April 10, 2008
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When somebody goes to ash a blunt or cigerat, they blow the entire object out of their hands so the object falls to the ground.
Zach created a meteor during the smoke session.
by Jamesey Boy December 21, 2016
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noun- describes a chubby/bbw/ssbbw woman who enjoys getting into sexual encounters with many men. May also describe a chubby/bbw/ssbbw who offers sexual encounters due to being seen by a social group as 'doable', seen by many men as 'fuckable', and internalize this social view and open their legs/lips for any man who wishes to achieve orgasm.

If the word meteor is said a few times aloud, two words can be heard "meaty whore." Hence why a meteor describes a meaty whore, a woman who will do anything with anyone at anytime free of charge.

The sex itself can be good, poor, or any in-between, but the meteor has to be overweight/obese/morbidly obese but still enjoy fucking more than one man.
1. Susie, the meteor, came for a booty call at 3am while her boyfriend was asleep, left right after, and was back again at 11 when her man went to work. 2. I'm sorry, dude; your cousin is a meteor. She had the train run on her by the defensive line last week then was seen on the phone with the center making plans. 3. Are you sure you want to take her out to dinner; I hope you know she is a meteor- with her you can get the milking without buying the cow!
by Mr. Rimmher July 17, 2009
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