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A final game of one of the greatest storyline in video games. To those who are unaware, if it wasn't worth the fans' anger, Hideo would've ended the series with the 3rd game (counting the Solid series) First of all, most of the characters have returned, along with some from MGS3, like Eva is now called Big Mama.
And there are some rumors that Derbin is Sigit because of his suppose knowledge of weapons. Even that Big Boss may return because of a picture in a early poster of the game, strange enough he was naked in it.
Another rumor that is a big hope is a possible moment in the game where you control Metal Gear Rex when Liquid Ocelot controls Ray. Since the first trailer, there has been no signs of Snake going suicide on our ass.
Now along with some character changes, Naomi seems to be more hot since she (like a lot of new video game women) forgets to wear a bra. Meryl is more kick ass and too a lot of players surprise, Raiden has returned as a bad ass but may die because of a quick glimpse on the latest trailer.
We also find out about Olga's child, a young girl named Sonny. Everything that's mentioned about her has already been known since MGS2, more info later when game is released.
Oh and before this is wrapped up, the game is set to release on June 14th.
Thanks For reading.
Me: What's the greatest game series of all time?!
Players: Metal Gear Solid 4
by 2K-Dragon March 31, 2008
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Metal Gear Solid 4 is the game starring the world's most experienced stealth operator, Solid Snake. In the 6th game of this unbelievable sneaking saga (counting the games on Nes too) we'll be playing as Snake once more, now looking exactly like the Big Boss from Metal Gear I & II, from which he is a clone.

In this era, after a not-yet-defined amount of years after MGS2 (as MGS3 was a prequel), the Metal Gears have been mass-produced and are used to invade the whole world. In all previous games, our hero was always able to stop an infamous group, called the Philosophers, from creating more then one Metal Gear, and always succeeded. But it seems this time it all happened too fast. Metal Gears are walking everywhere and Solid Snake is exhausted from battle, and his cloned genes are aging a minute per second.

What must happen, how will it be and most important... Who shall follow the footsteps of the most respected character of Playsation II in the history of gaming? We shall see, at the dawn of PS3.
"Why did he get the death-penalty?"

"Wasn't going to buy Metal Gear Solid 4."

by Ruben Verresen October 21, 2005
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I was wrong it's coming out in late 2007, not 2006. Anyway, Snake is now an incredibly old man due to his cells. For every second that passes, he ages a minute. Not to mention the fact that he has an illness that causes him to inject hmself with syringes every once in a while. Metal Gears have mass produced and are raising hell all over the world. returning characters are Vamp, Meryl, Otacon, Snake, Raiden, Naomi Hunter, Big Boss (his corpse maybe?) and either Olga's kid or Raiden and rose's kid. it's not confirmed which child it is. coming out for PS3.
it is officially called Metal Gear Solid 4: guns of the patriots. The theme is:"no where to hide"
There is a shitload of RUMORS, NEITHER OF THEM CONFIRMED that Raiden might kill Snake. Hideo Kojima said Snake won't die in this game, but you know Hideo...
by Adrian February 17, 2006
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Coming late 2006, for PS3 of course. Raiden will return (shit!) meryl, Vamp, and of course snake will return as well. And in case you haven't figured it out yet, it is a sequel to MGS2.
Raiden might turn evil. Can that pussy really do that?
by Adrian June 07, 2005
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A Movie that tries to pass itself off as a game, 10 minutes of CG cutscene for every 1 minute of gameplay
Guy1: have you played Metal Gear Solid 4?
Guy2: you mean Watched?
Girl: your both lame Metal Gear Solid 4 is a horrible game
by PseudoKirby August 16, 2008
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