BIG MAMA” (Origin; Southern United States, America): A literal English translation and term of endearment for “Grandmother”... A woman who is the Mother to your Father or Mother covering three generations; Mother to her children and her children's children or an older woman who fills this role as a nurturing person in your life.
This weekend I'm taking my children to see my mother, they love to visit with their Big Mama.
by Rena12 January 16, 2015
An African American woman that is the matriarch of her family. Nurturing generations of her family’s lineage while commanding respect.
Big Mama taught the family traditions to her grandchildren.
by The beholden eye July 26, 2020
a plus size black female, who is the head of the household or the leader of a group of people who holds things together when times are tough.
I have never seen Big Mama shed one tear.
by Divalicious09 April 15, 2009
Negitive slang toward a guy who acts like a woman by caring too much usually b/c he's from the south...or gay
This is Big Mama Brad, I'm just callin to see if you got back home ok b/c you didn't call me so I was worried.
by moobmoob August 11, 2007
normally a big black woman who has children and likes to hit people who get in thier way.
dont throw eggs at dat house big mama'll be after u

ill get big mama on you
by dj supermatt June 27, 2005
A wide-set or lose vagina.

Used mainly towards whores; sluts; hussies; floozies; etc. to expose their promiscuous ways.
One: "Wow, that Annmarie has such a big mama!"
Two: "Ikr! I hear she slept with the whole basketball team..."
by goodnightgoodnight September 3, 2010