A drink. The drink. Consisting of vodka, Fresca, lime, and the extracted orange syrup of orange confit. The finest of all mixed drinks.
Fuck, I got boozy off the Messier.
by ballersupreme January 5, 2008
verb: When you're fucking a girl and ur friends are all watching from the closet in Rangers/Oilers jerseys, u proceed to ejaculate porn-style on her face and then beat the living shit out of her, breaking her nose, causing a strawberry shortcake and knocking out several of her teeth.
I didn't really like fucking Samantha that much, it was really good when u guys helped me out after i climaxed, video taping and helping out with the Mark Messier afterward. Now I am a millionaire from selling copies of the video on the internet.
by NYR forever November 17, 2005
A very intellegent 15 year old, who can sometimes have a rather bland sense of humor.
"Naomi, if you stuck that fake knife down your shirt..It'd be called a booby trap"
by With love Amanda and Nimz January 10, 2005
Another way of saying more messy
This room is messier that before.
by T-S&J-H October 3, 2022
The person who orchestrates mess
I’m the original messier around these parts
by Waltbabyluv87 November 16, 2020
He's the god of Earth, has a beautiful smile, is so sexy everyone wants him but frl look at that mother fucker he's so handsome and cute asf I want him in my bed.
Look! It's messier, lets fuck him hes so sexy
by incognitoos November 22, 2021