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(1)Mesquite - a type of wood or tree that is generally used to smoke meat in a barbeque.

(2)A city west of Dallas, Texas, home of the Rodeo.

1---- "This Mesquite grilled chicken is amazing!"

2---- "The Rodeo season is kickin off in Mesquite again this year."
by kungfuyo March 02, 2009
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(n) 1) Texmex Slang for marijuana
2) Type of wood, traditionally used for barbeques
(3) the male organ
1) "Yo, man light that mesquite up!"
"this mesquite is tha shit yo"

2) "Grab some mesquite for this grill"

3) "hey girl hows about you sux on my mesquite"
by The Original Hot Rod August 13, 2005
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A ghetto ass town either filled with old people or the most ghetto people ever. Never come to mesquite for a good time it'd filled with no good hoodrats.
Oh, you live in mesquite? But you're a teen?
by Anon person from mesquite July 24, 2016
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Adjective. When a love interest's presence is so sweet, yet spicy, that they marinate you with a wholesome disposition.

You're cooked. You're grilled. You're complete. You have no f---s in the world except for the good kind.
"You're so mesquite, girl. You know just how to talk to me, even when I'm being a shithead. Look at all that I've accomplished because you're so patient, yet assertive with me."
"So how was your date with that guy you met at The Fire the other night?" "Oh yeah, how could I forget! I didn't expect it, but he was so... mesquite. You know? I wasn't uncomfortable at all! I'm seeing him again next Tuesday."
by flywithfate May 08, 2014
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