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First of all Merly is a girls name!
She makes everyone smile, she loves to listen to your stories and gossip.

She likes to go on lots of walks but sometimes she sleeps all day. Merly is one of the perfect girls ive ever met.

and she only likes JOSHUAS so if your name isnt JOSH, im sorry but the truth hurts.
wow, Merly is so pretty

I wish I was Merly
by cupcakes2017 July 27, 2017
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Merly is epitome of determination. He will lift weights all day long - even in his sleep. You can't out lift him. EVER.

Merly is the ultimate god of body. Sex, weights, and protein shakes don't even begin to explain the pure manliness that eminates from his body at all times.

If you aren't Merly, you wish you were. GET ON HIS LEVEL.

Oh yea, and his package is so big he can't wear jeans cause it'll suffocate his manly package that deserves to be let loose upon the world.
"I saw Merly in the gym today. His sack is as big as the weights he lifts."

"I wish I were like Merly."
by Fawnsy February 26, 2014
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