1. A wig used to replace lost pubic hair

2. Something George Bush thinks he is
George Bush: "I'm so proud to be Mercan"
by Lollirot December 23, 2005
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(n) the dialect of English spoken by residents in the United States of America.

(adj.) relating to or characteristic of the United States of America or its inhabitants; relating to or characteristic of the American continents or their inhabitants (rare).

Not to be confused with:

(n) an artificial covering of hair for the pubic area; a pubic wig.
Did you know that in the U.S.A. they think a scone is a biscuit? I wish I had taken a phrase book with me to translate Mercan into English when I had a holiday there.

If you ever travel around the U.S.A. you will learn that the Mercan people are really friendly and helpful when dealing with tourists.
by TassieHunter January 17, 2016
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A pubic wig. used to replace pubic hair that one desires but does not have do to an accident or a hormonal defect
Bob has a mercan because he has no pubes
by andrew w. August 25, 2005
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Person A:Who is the most beautiful girl on earth?
Person B:She's name is Mercan! But you're sure the earth! I think she is the most beautiful in the universe!
Person A: Yes! I would do everything to get a girl like Mercan.
Person B: Who would not?
by Nickimickuhahshgcc April 18, 2020
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A rare species of homosapian - which legend says - originated from the arabian peninsula.

Displays agressive behaviour towards non arabs.

Is famously known to indulge in food more frequently than usual.

UMIS president (past, present and future).

Fails at pronouncing the word 'google'.
Known for her ruthless pranks, and abrupt comments.

Has an unusal obsession with purple items.
Q: Who is to blame?
A: Who else but Mercan!

Q: Who did this?
A: Obviously Mercan!

Q: So who's the president?
A: Dude, can it be anyone else but Mercan?
by Iggy Shepard May 3, 2013
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Derogatory term for a citizen of the United States of America. Sometimes spelled merkan.
Look at the size of that mercan! He must've eaten his children for breakfast!

Mercans' ignorance makes me cringe.
by Mr Spanky Pants August 7, 2006
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mercan is a sweet caring kind amazing person. she is smexy and very nice. she is goofy with a good sense of humour. please who wouldnt want a mercan in their life. she will be very loyal and caring. dw mercan is always there for u. fuck whoever dislikes mercan. thank u

🙌this bitch is one amazing mf plsss i love her sm. she is an amazing friend.

mercan ily ily <33
mercan is amazing
wow is that mercan
mercan is sooo cool
mercn is one hot mf
by dickcrucher274 August 24, 2021
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