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A Memphis Dry Rub is when you partner gives you a hand job without the courtesy of using a petrolium product for lube..
Bitch grabbed my johnson like a cow udder, and gave me a Memphis Dry Rub and didn't even hock a loogie on it first. Felt like she was going rub it off like an eraser. At least she took the three warning shots over the tower.
by Tommyshocker August 22, 2005
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when a guy who is circumcised gets a hand job from a girl with dry hands and no sort of lubrication, making the handie very painful and eventually causing a rash
Guy #1: How'd it go with Mindy last night??!
Guy #2: Terrible
Guy #1: What? I thought you got beat off
Guy #2: Yeah but she had dry hands and we had no lube so she gave me a memphis dry rub and now my dick stings like hell
by denverbud420 October 30, 2013
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1. When a girl gives a poor quality hand job.

2. Blisters gained from a very dry/rough hand job.
Dude 1.
"So I watched you leave with that chick last night."

Dude 2.
"Yea it turned into a Memphis dry rub."
by Louie Carman May 18, 2013
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Commonly believed to be a style in which to prepare ribs, popularized by the restaurant Chili's, the Memphis Dry Rub is actually a sexual act. It involves the male rubbing his erect penis along the ribs of a female. This is enhanced with a skinny female, where a rhythmic sound similar to a xylophone can be achieved.
"Yeah, I wanted her to give me a blow-job, but settled for a Memphis Dry Rub when I saw that skinny chick's ribs."
by keebler2 February 07, 2010
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when a woman gives you a handjob using sandpaper as a glove. The idea is that through the intense pain, your adrenaline kicks in and releases the missing endorphins to make you feel good. Then you cope with a bleeding dick.
Half my dick is missing after that Memphis Dry Rub. I have to poop.
by Limey fuck November 25, 2008
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When a toothless southern woman gives you a handjob with no lube.
" I met this chick at an Elvis convention in Tennessee and she ended up giving me a Memphis Dry Rub in the front seat of my truck"
by Sabres 1981 August 23, 2007
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