A memeber is an individual on an internet forum who does little more than post incredibly old and over-used meme's. The memeber typically believes themselves to be amazingly witty, but is generally regarded as being borderline retarded.
Memeber: Cool Story Bro! haha...I'm teh funny!!!
Everyone else: Man...what a memeber.
by Old1e February 23, 2011
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a memeber is a member that belongs to a meme community, he also supports a memer with memes he made
im a memeber of memelias community
im a very good memeber
by CreBlaBo October 03, 2020
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Anya says this when she is in posting spree... (See Anya)
<Anya> A new Memeber have joined the board...
by Gamefreak19 August 19, 2003
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A meme that is considered part of ur family.

meme pepe family memes
Pepe he is like my family memeber
by AG.JR April 22, 2016
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Memebers is a synonym to word members, but it is mostly used by upperclass Black people.
Upperclass Black guy: sorry you cant join our group, we simply have to many "memebers"
White man: dont you mean members.
Upperclass black guy: hm, it seems that you are of the lowerclass
by xxxtentadead November 28, 2018
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When a member of a group starts spamming memes
Stop memebering or i will kick you
by Chatotter May 17, 2018
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