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A Meha is properly beautiful. She has kind eyes hidden under those sizeable glasses that unveil for only a chosen few. A Meha has delicate hands like that of a painter or a sculptor, hands that you would want to hold even when your palms are sweaty. A Meha doesn't try to fit in and doesn't feel the need to stand out. She champions what she believes thoroughly and isn't one to lose an argument easily. She keeps her circle small and loves fiercely all those in it. A Meha is considerate and understanding but isn't afraid to walk away from a toxic relationship. A Meha is a realist, she knows what is and what is not but still wants to believe in what could be. She hates cheesy and sappy gestures but loves romantic movies. She is scared of love but is fascinated by the idea of it. A Meha is a walking contradiction. She is in her own words perfectly imperfect. She is and she is good and no but. Also, Kamehameha.
A Meha loves the idea of love and romance and hopes to find in someone someday.
Everyone wishes they had a Meha by their side but some are fortunate enough.
by Mohabbat_Man January 29, 2018
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A member of the human species that can be described as "Blue Waffle".. This person will continuously fail at getting males to fornicate with it. They will eventually end up working at White Castle as a cashier. This creature is highly dangerous and extremely sexual. AVOID AT ALL COST
John: Did you see that Meha over there?
Stacy: That ugly thing? I thought that was a Sasquatch...
by Jn&Az February 08, 2012
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