Saying "meh" is like saying, whatever. It never has an actual meaning, people just say it because they're too damn lazy to move their lips for christ's sake.
Hot Blond:Wanna go have sex sweetie?
Blond: whats that mean?
Guy: Meh
Blond: YES OR NO
Guy: meh
Blond: im sick of you, bye!
Guy: meh.
by pwned joo January 09, 2008
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Rejoinder to a deemed outrageous question posed to someone /an alleged fact about some. Surprised response.
A: We all have to go to that meeting - you are going right?
B: Meh!
by K Kramo February 03, 2006
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to shrug shoulders or not care. or being indiffrent, not caring, you get the point.

Man:Im going to rape your dog now mmmkay?

little boy: meh.
by mehmehmeh March 09, 2007
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A word used when one does not wish to talk, doesn't really care, or just can't think of a good answer.
It can mean a variety of things, like yes, no, maybe, i don't know, and hence why it is used so often now, as humanity gets lazier and lazier.
Friend- Hey
Me- meh
Friend- huh are you mad at me?
Me- meh
Friend- you seem mad
Me - meh...
-end of convo-
by mr.crepsley August 16, 2010
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A word used to express indifference by gen Y who can't be bothered to ever explain their reason for anything. See: "just saying" Ways to express an opinion without taking the time/responsibility to actually express a coherent opinion. A symptom of bone-laziness.
"After watching the original release of that movie with English subtitles, do you think the semiotic narrative is proportional to the meaning?" "Meh".
by The Grumbler October 22, 2015
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