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The best friend you'll ever meet. Hard exterior but if you tunnel through you'll find a sweet, sensitive, wondeful soul. She could deffinitly kick you ass and has a clever mind and quick responses.

Black hair, brown eyes, falls in love hard and fast but won't admit it. Smart and out to prove the world wrong. She's the girl that will change the world .
PERSON 1: Wow! Who was she, she was the coolest .
PERSON 2: That's Megha, aw man she's the best
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One who consumes many Oreos within a short time period. Meghas usually hunt for Oreos in the nighttime, often sneaking through back doors or windows and sniffing for any sign of an Oreo. They can smell on Oreo from up to 2 miles away.
-"Why are my Oreos gone? I thought I bought a pack just yesterday!!"
-"It must have been a megha."
by thenjet November 14, 2010
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A compulsive stealer, smartest person ull ever meet, the female version of neal caffrey/jace lightwood. very attractive. also, dont trust her.
Have you ever met somebody as sarcastic and genius as her?
omg no, was her name Megha? jit prbably was.
by happyyyydayyyyssss April 13, 2011
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A cute yet annoying and mischievous girl that spends her free time scaring little children and eating deep-fried Oreos.
Person 1: Who is that Oreo-eating girl that is scaring all those kids?
Person 2: I don't know but she is definitely a Megha!
by Tennisbuddy1226 October 29, 2012
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An insane girl who is really sweet by nature . Often Referred as a female idiot .
You are such a megha , though you care for every one .

Stop being a megha , you haven't seen the real world .

A megha and an idiot are meant for each other .
by idiosyncractic we g nesh August 28, 2014
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Probably one of the thottiest people i will ever meet. Some might describe her as a megha-thot. If you ever see her, you should turn the other way because her thotiness is contagious.
Shit that's megha! Run away!
Bro you seen that girl megha? she's a thot
by awesomenicejubilandniceee January 13, 2019
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