A Trinidadian word replacement for " I don't'
She ask me if I want some mangoes but meen want none

"Meen care about nobody"
by Trinidad Helper June 2, 2017
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Meaning good or excellent. Often used by extenuating the 'e' and or replacing the 'n' with a 'd' but only when used sarcastically.
That goal by Le Tissier was meeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! (meen)

Someone scores a tap-in, meeeeeeeeeeed )1. cos it's shit goal and 2. it's been score against you
by chinnyreckon December 2, 2011
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Meen basically means the word "Mean" , but it goes further than that. Meen is the worst name you could be called. Could be used in slang. Calling someone meen means that they must die and you want them gone forever.
Debby : "Omg Susan you are so meen !"
Susan : "Oh ok I am sorry Debby."
by Salonlover666 October 9, 2017
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1.Your side hoe only used for sex. She gets no respect no dinner,movies,cook outs, or dates.
2.The herb of the crew;butt of all da jokes
1.HELL NO dat ant my Wifey!! Dats da meens Skip!!! Do your thing kid!! Trust me fam she will let you beat!!

2.Why do I have to go to the store!!? Da fuck I look like?..Da Meens!!? You go! ..........you COCK SUCKA!!
by Pottz January 10, 2005
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A Lebanese rock band; a Breton saint; an Indian film; Sally Meen, an English television presenter
I meen now really there are so many meanings for meen that it's no less than meeningful.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010
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a slang phrase meaning: "do you know what I mean?"
"The party was decent, but not poppin, naw meen?"

baby boy da prince uses "naw meen" in his song "naw meen" to make sure the listener knows what he means.
by Phil Free September 10, 2007
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