Two people who haven't yet liked eachother but have been shipped. Most commonly a gay couple but can be male and female. Also celebrate shootings on saturday
They were so medicine yesterday. I ship them because medicine
by Iamagayman45 June 13, 2014
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Something that is prescribed to people to make them feel better and be better when half the time it does the complete opposite. :)
The doctor prescribed me some medicine for my back pains, but then after taking some the only thing I got from it were chest pains also.
by Tragasm July 14, 2011
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your fuckbuddy , someone who everyday you have to do them .

2) Going to meet up with your fuck buddy
1) "I thought we had a group outing today . "

"Fuck That , Im going to get my medicine "

2) Sally was marks medicine , he couldnt live without her .
by China , Bitch March 03, 2010
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A substance that could either be solid, liquid or gas. It is supposed to make you feel better, although many of them carry great consequences for using them. Such as: hair loss, excessive hair growth, constantly puking, Hepatitis A and internal bleedings.

So basically, it MIGHT make you feel better from your current illness, but you get something worse in return.

Medicine often contain animals.
Calling the factory for the detailed ingredients of a medicine that contains gelatin.

Caller: what kind of gelatin is this?

Seller: pork.
by Kakashi's relative. February 08, 2014
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