A preparation or product having the properties of a medicine. Must be percribed by a doctor and shared with everyone.
Dude I got some medicinal marijuana, you want a toke?
by weedmassa February 23, 2012
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unreleased BANGER by harry styles that has been known to take peoples viginities without actually having sex due to how horny harry is during this song
"Hey! I wish Harry had released Medicine on Fine Line! But it wouldn't fit in with the album..."
by marisamacd December 30, 2020
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Medicine is the title of an unreleased Harry Styles song about gay intercourse. It's a bop, and he needs to put it on HS3.
"Medicine is totally about Louis Tomlinson."
"Shut up Becky you've been saying this for a week straight!!!"
by wheres._.the._.love May 8, 2020
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a song by harry styles that makes him forget he has asthma
person 1: dude medicine is such a good song

person: I KNOW makes him forget he got asthma sometimes
by idek my name August 5, 2020
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Two people who haven't yet liked eachother but have been shipped. Most commonly a gay couple but can be male and female. Also celebrate shootings on saturday
They were so medicine yesterday. I ship them because medicine
by Iamagayman45 June 14, 2014
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your fuckbuddy , someone who everyday you have to do them .

2) Going to meet up with your fuck buddy
1) "I thought we had a group outing today . "

"Fuck That , Im going to get my medicine "

2) Sally was marks medicine , he couldnt live without her .
by China , Bitch March 3, 2010
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