Border-line, a border between 2 things that could be either or, or is close to be on one side of the spectrum. ALSO THE NAME OF THE NEWEST HARRY STYLES SOLO ALBUM THAT IS AMAZING AND U SHOULD DEFINITELY STREAM IT
It’s a fine line between genius and stupid. I’m starting to think it’s genius. Yet again, it’s a fine line.

by cuocuo May 12, 2020
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Harry Styles’ second solo album. Contains some of the best songs of the decade, like Adore You, Golden, To Be So Lonely, She, Sunflower Vol.6, Canyon Moon, ... ah shit, all of them are amazing.

Fine Line is also the name of the last song of this album. I highly suggest you to listen to it, you won’t regret it.
Directioner 1: Fine Line is the best song that Harry has ever written.

Directioner 2: Right, it’s a masterpiece.
by marinecm333 November 16, 2020
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When the fringe of someone's hair is in a perfect horizontal line, regardless of any other section of the user's hair, is known as a 'fine line'.

The term 'fine line' is meant to be used in an informal sense. I.E. to offend someone.
Lady Gaga's white hair style has a fringe where the ends of the fringe match up to be a perfect horizontal line, a 'fine line'.
by mulaW May 22, 2009
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Harry styles is gonna release fine line.
Y/n: WOAH! Harry is releasing fine line and I'm not okay at all
Harold really freaking did that! Fine line is coming
by haroldismymedicine November 4, 2019
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the most mixed emotions mf album ever made, you've got EVERYTHING from emotional songs to happy uplifted songs to SONGS WHERE U MF'S USE LED LIGHTS IN YOUR ROOM AND DO HOT TIKTOKS AND JUST VIBE , this album is worth 3ur9832yr32yr38739473294329732383829y3289uy329ru329r732907385348957y3985u329y520y5025925 pounds, and dont you fucking dare tell me that isnt a number, because it IS. END OFF , PERIODT, FULL STOP
sam- hey sara
sara-shut tf up you mf im listening to fine line...
sam- wtf is fineline u bitch
sara-this mf...
by niallspotatoo December 9, 2020
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a line between something but making it fair
also harry mf styles (my husband if louis doesn’t marry him) so proud of harry lol😌
ways it’s used in a sentence:

There was a ‘fine line‘ between protecting and smothering, though.

There was a ‘fine line’ between being frugal and being a miser.

He'd been trying to walk that ‘fine line’ all night.
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it means the small difference between two thing, a small difference that can confuses you between two things
person 1 : I think this guy is so smart
person 2 : no he is not smart, there is a fine line between being smart and being pedantic
by uchiha yasso March 14, 2021
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