Referral of anatomical origin towards the middle of the body.

Your heart is medial to your arm.
by Janl August 4, 2008
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A perceived reality influenced through media that one is exposed to. With growth of social media networking sites one could create a mediality to others based on the user generated content they display and links they share to commercial content of personal interest thereby creating mymediality.
For example if one only consumes sports and local news media specific to a region then their opinions of things could be quite different than one who consumes only international news and genre specific entertainment, then these two individuals would have a differing "mediality".
by tvmediadude November 27, 2009
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The degree to which a media container, such as an analog book (a paperback, a hardcover, etc.), an ebook, a website, or any other object holding media communicates its contents. High level mediality expresses itself in an abundance of different types of media contained by the product. Low level mediality suggests a scarcity of different media within the product.
An ebook has a higher level of mediality than a paperback book since an ebook can contain simple text (just like the paperback book) but also hyperlinks, video, sound, and other interactive features.
by polytekton July 4, 2012
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A reality created by the media. In this subuniverse, everything is perfect. All the women are beautiful and all the men are muscular an manly. Unfortunately, this unreal mediality causes people in real life to attempt to attain these extremely unreachable standards, usually with unwelcomed and ugly habits.
Girl: I am way too fat! I need to be like those girls on TV!
Boy: Wtf is wrong with you? You weigh 50 pounds, I can see right through your stomach.
by chernobyl December 12, 2004
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1) the way the media portrays women versus how they actually look in real life.

2) It is the involuntary (or voluntary) act of buying into or becoming obsessed with the media’s portrayal of beautiful women.

3) Believing the false advertisement that the media portrays.

4) Becoming obsessed with one’s own body, so they resemble the media’s portrayal of beautiful.
For example, the models on those magazine covers are edited, photo-shopped, and some are even slimmed down digitally. That is the reality of the media, not what they show us on magazine covers.

This mediality needs to be fixed!
by MegEnglish15 July 14, 2011
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