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Appears to be a small, over populated town with too many bored police officers looking to bust kids for everything from talking on their cell phones in their cars that their parents bought them to buying alcohol with a fake ID at the Vineyard to going 120 in a 65 mph zone on the way to LBI. Kids start smoking pot and drinking as early as 6th grade and are damn proud of it. We're not snobs, we're just better than you. Shawnee kids party harder than most decent colleges and know it. We graduate highschool with the knowledge of bong ripping, beer funneling, shot pounding, and drunk driving. And we HATE school because, well, the administation and faculty are heartless, braindead, assholes. We know the backroads to any shore and go there constantly, especially in the wintertime. We frequent Camden and party in the parking lot, returning home unscathed, because we're fearless. We've all been to a bonfire in the woods somewhere, and we all know that kid who can hook us up with any drug imaginable. If it weren't for the Super Wawa and Riv we'd go hungry. We know that Wednesday night means all-you-can-eat at Pics on Rt 206. Everyone in Medford is either there to stay forever and doomed for eternity or WANTS OUT.
Medford's beat, and the cops are sketch. Let's go to the shore.
by allison April 14, 2005
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A great town i dont care what you say . All those people who live here and say "OMFG MEDFORD IS SOOOOOOO BORING" need take a look around them. The black to white ratio is 99 to 1 , less then that even. There is no crime . The is a gay ass highschool that we all take as a complet joke. It was nick named "shawnee prison" Dew to the ban on drinking water and the loss of ketchup cup. Cause they didnt fit into the budget which is like 4000000 dollars . There are mostly big homes over 5000 sq feet. Your 30 mins from philly 10 mins from the mall 10 mins from a movie theater 2 hours from NYC and 30 mins from the shore. Also there is no more building there due to the pinebarrens what eles can you ask for??? Oh and i cant forget the massive drugs that go threw this town , its kinda funny cause you wouldnt think it until you walked into shawnee for about 10 mins.
White , nice clothes , nice shoes , and drinking on the bored walk at 14 years old . He must be from medford.
by Jay March 17, 2005
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Love the scenery and area and amazing to grow up and bike in... until you hit middle school, then you realize everyone is a rich slob who will most likely become rich in their life without moving a finger and my god.. the middle school teachers are fine but the kids are demons i have recently been looking at stuff about the town i live in and my god is this place sad all i see are peoole saying they hate this place or saying its where the cool people live on urban dictionary. Just get me out of this hell hole

-Blaf (if you know me you know who it is)
Get me out of Medford,NJ
by UPgrader1134 February 06, 2018
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a town full of rich white people. A lot of spoiled kids who get what ever the hell they want and never hear the word "NO". you might think this town is small and inncocent but once you get past the big houses you know there is some drugs rolling around and sluts on every corner.
by a pseudonym March 09, 2005
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A town where jay walking and bike riding without helmets has run rampid. Police have done much in an effort to solve this problem, however when the police where making thier efforts to rid the town of these unthinkable crimes, an rebel bike gang took over the town and started running rampid. This biker gang called themselves the dope heads on mopeds. A rival gang named the "MLP" moved in to the nieghboring town of medford lakes. Ever since medfords dope heads on mopeds started feeling the pressure that the MLP influence had on nieghboring communitys, Medford started living by thier land mark We aren't snobs we are just better than you. The best was yet to come, King CraigK moved into a community near by and all the women had sex with him and the word quickly spread about the size of his dong and more people moved to the area. Medford lakes even became a resort town where desperate house wives would go to escape life for a while and get there bang on.
Medford, NJ has challenged cops
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
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This place is the worste. Everyone who live hear is white and tries to be black. Every one is filthy rich and really jewish about money.
1. Drugs are more common in Medford that in camden, philly, Newark, and South America combined.

2.the girls are all wanna be sluts, that try way to hard.

3. Dont ever move here it is horrible
by metro-man March 17, 2005
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