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Most beautiful person you'll ever see. Has a strange obsession with blue. A wild Meddy in her natural habbitat has blonde hair and blue eyes. Please beware. They bite ;)
A wild Meddy... in her natural habitat.. encountering a Jake
by RENWEEE December 18, 2017
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Slang used by locals from the Southern Oregon city of Medford. Only true 541-ers can use it. Most people won't know what you are talking about unless they hail from Meddy as well.
When asked where you are from: "I'm from Meddy." The response you'll get from most non-541-ers is: What? Where is that?

"Are you going out in A-town or Meddy tonight?"
by True Meddy girl June 07, 2007
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A meddy is a person who seems like a hardass in public, but actually is a complete and utter wimp, especially when comes to girls
Mohammed Alliy from Tanzania
by Steve Walker February 01, 2005
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buy the domain for your recipe blog
med grade marijauna
not as good as kind bud
not as bad as schwag
usually running at about 5-10 dollars more than schwag
but worth it!!
those meddies where fire
by blenders September 02, 2007
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