a epic win in the game of fortnight battle mainly played by ceeday ala a
by add me at bbsmoke30 ps4 December 11, 2018
When someone flies a passenger plane into the side of a skyscraper.
hussein: "Did you hear about my dude osama bin laden? He got a fat victory royale the other day!"
by aussiegamercop October 26, 2018
While having sex in the missionary position, it is the act of dabbing three times, pulling out, and walking away without saying a word.
Judy was thoroughly confused when Keith pulled a Victory Royale on her last night.
by TopshotYeti November 28, 2018
When you get a win on Fortnite. This completes your life automatically. To get a victory royale you must have at least IQ 200.
I just got victory royale bow down before me mere mortals
by Chase2D January 20, 2020
The meaning of life

Some adopted retards call them vicroys
*gets victory royale on fortnite*
*is happy*
*puts on snapchat*
*gets yeeted on and assassinated*
Assassin: he deserved that

Btw don’t do this otherwise your a fat git
by Bongo cat in a wheelchair December 23, 2018
a word used by cringy twelve-year old children after winning a Fortnite match, a game made for dumb losers. Victory royales are very easy to win: simply hide in a bush for the whole game.
People who often get a victory royale are annoying, and constantly show off theirr 'achievement'.
other person: dude, shut up.
by spicy chiken b April 5, 2018
When you are the last person, duo, or squad remaining in Fortnite and you win the game.
by DonThouLiell February 1, 2018