if someone is flexing and no body cares say “medal?” as in do you want a medal
“Omg i studied so hard for this test” “Ok Medal?”
by didiaskthough February 20, 2020
diego asks dush kush look at my fossil watch, dush kush say medal
by umaru chan April 5, 2018
rewarding someone for an accomplishment or feat
(usually used in a sarcastic tone)
Person A: Dude. Did you see that? I just did a triple back flip off of my house and landed in a hand stand.

Person B: medals...
by CPRizzle November 3, 2010
A shirt stain on the chest of the shirt, caused by dripping food or liquid while eating. Otherwise known as a dinner badge.
Honey, your ketchup dripped on your shirt and now you've got a medal.
by Ecdysis August 26, 2007
In Boston, MAhealed Bullet wounds – to be shown off by the survivor and viewed with awe and envy
the dude wuz flashing his medals to the ladies
by "G" January 11, 2004
a medal is a guy who doesn´t work much, but izz online most of tha TimE
sjeeeez isn´t he a "medal"
by [ScumBagz]-=ChuckY=- September 9, 2003