An alternative term for an erect penis.

To place ones penis in ones vagina

Meat=Slang for penis
Shank=Object used for stabbing
Look at the size of my meat shank!

I'm goin to meat shank that bitch.
by Vin June 01, 2004
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When a Latino man straps a razor blade to then end of his penis and then proceeds to slap you across the face with it until both sides of your mouth are cut to look like the Joker from Batman.

According to HOMOPHOBIC BATMAN on youtube.
John: What happened to your face!

Steve: Some guy strapped me down and gave me a Latino Meat Shank.
by FPSjeremy August 11, 2010
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A prison term for engaging in sodomy in a male prison.
The new inmate recieved a meat shanking from his cellmate.
by BeavisBungholio December 03, 2018
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