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The frequently deadly disease that anti-vaxxers are willing to expose their children to out of an unfounded fear of autism. Can cause blindness, sterility, heart damage and life long complications, but hey, its better dead than slightly non-neurotypical.

See also whooping cough.
"Madison and Skyler have the measles, why don't you bring your kids over and get it over with! Better hurry though, Skyler's starting to smell pretty bad and has been sleeping for three days. Guess those MMS enemas are really helping him detox!"
by KimmieKoi October 24, 2018
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(N.)- Somebody who gets into intense mountain dew corrals at some point during the day, normally around lunchtime
The measle almost got his hoodie ripped by the long arms of Gar.
by Poop J March 17, 2009
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