The frequently deadly disease that anti-vaxxers are willing to expose their children to out of an unfounded fear of autism. Can cause blindness, sterility, heart damage and life long complications, but hey, its better dead than slightly non-neurotypical.

See also whooping cough.
"Madison and Skyler have the measles, why don't you bring your kids over and get it over with! Better hurry though, Skyler's starting to smell pretty bad and has been sleeping for three days. Guess those MMS enemas are really helping him detox!"
by KimmieKoi October 24, 2018
(N.)- Somebody who gets into intense mountain dew corrals at some point during the day, normally around lunchtime
The measle almost got his hoodie ripped by the long arms of Gar.
by Poop J March 18, 2009
Contagious disease of the lower pubic regions first discovered in Glenjamin Willybobble
Chronic insane anal pounding – with various kitchen utilities (most frequently a whisk inside a blender)
Being from Blackpool and surrounding areas
Bending over in Cemetery Junction Public Toilets with loose morals
Symptoms include:
Irrational and sustained itching of the scrotum and meatus
Constant need for sexual relief – usually resulting in chronic masturbation until pustules burst
Disgusting groinal aroma followed by an inability to follow conversation and stating the obvious and implied

Glen was happy until his crotch fell off - and sniffed that he had pubic measles
Mike was worried and horny and slightly hungry but mostly tired, so he went home
by Sid Johnson February 5, 2009
The blemishes that are commonly known as coldsores or herpes simplex 1.
~I made out with what's her face and got a case of "Cupids measles"!

~you know, a whore blossom!
by Hughdanger February 26, 2011
A general term for sexually transmitted diseases affecting the male genitalia.
After a short round with a dirty bird, Billy got a bad case of the cock measles.
by Stu Steg April 24, 2019
The generic, nondescript term for any of a host of venereal diseases (STD's), especially those which cause some sort of eruption on the penis.
James: I would stay away from her. She's hot and all, but...

Bill: But what?

James: You'll probably end up with a scorching case of weiner measles.
by JoeFriday July 21, 2009
Is the act of slapping the girl in the face with her day old tampon while you are performing anal sex.
She was on the rag last night wich resulted in the sleezy measles.
by 6sleezye9 March 14, 2007