Meadow is a grassland. Cows like grass. If cows didn't eat grass they'd be hungry so thank you Meadow for feeding the cows grass so they get chunky. And from them eating grass, we get milk for good ole cereal and beef.
by Boopity Boppity June 25, 2018
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a person that ignore the warns of multiple people doing the same job and failing, just to get the same outcome. Eventually leading to their resignation or firing from that position.
Alright now looking at you being such a meadows.
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by j.spyder July 14, 2020
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She is very smexy and loves her bf very much,she thinks roblox is for children and is a skinny legend 🌶
by bootynagger June 22, 2021
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Meadow is a girl who is funny, quirky and very stubborn. She will not be happy with you in the slightest of things even if you laugh when she gets moved. She is unique and very bossy, not popular but tanned and has amazingly smart hair.
Uno meadow

“She’s ignoring me”
“Why do you think?”
“Because I laughed when she was shipped with someone else”
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by Hshsjskdokd June 26, 2019
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Meadow is a girl you to love to stay around she loves tik toks and can party her but off. She can be kind when she wants but she could be a pain. Meadow is very pretty and she the kind that would get high at a party. She wants a great man her life and you should be lucky to have a meadow.
“Is that your girl she can party” she has to be a meadow.
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by Jessica Mathews May 13, 2020
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Meadow is someone who’s beautiful, and really sweet. She’s mixed race, usually asian, and super cute. She loves to cook, and her speciality is mac&cheese, but she dabbles with baking too. She is extremely smart, and always gets the highest grades. She also enjoys reading action thrillers for fun, especially fantasy. Meadow is kinda a nerd that way, but it’s fine because you like her despite it. She’s your best friend though, so you can never tell her how you feel. You just pine in the background. Everyone wants to be her friend, she’s great!
person 1: so who’s your crush? is he cute?

person 2: yeah it’s my best friend, this girl Meadow.

person 1: oh...
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by WhiteRedRoses December 29, 2020
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