That one redhead that’s usually really smart and clings to one (best) friend. She is also ok with hanging out with guys, because she has more masculinity then 90% of them
Landen: Is that meadow?
Aiden: Yeah
Landen: Wow, normally she’s hanging out kiara
by Reddit_Mod28 June 04, 2020
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A syntax of tony sapranos' daughter that pinballs around the OAR demanding attention and affirmation as top gash.
Inspector I: Hey what's up meadow?
Meadow: How does my hiney look in these jeans? Rub my back.

Inspector I: Go see Joe meadow.
Meadow: Don't call me meadow. You're weird
by buzz March 02, 2004
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Meadow is a girl who looks innocent and acts it. She’s SUPER popular. But really, she’s an absolute bitch. She has no control and thinks everyone wants to know about her personal life. She’ll come to you bragging about how she made the cheer team or the volleyball team or the basketball team. She’ll tell you all about her boyfriend even if you don’t give a fuck. Never trust her. She will ruin your life and make everyone hate you. If you know a Meadow, get rid of her right now before she can ruin about your reputation. She’ll make you want to kill yourself inside and then make you look like the villain while she acts like a hurt victim for everyone to see.
Person: OMG you’re friends with Meadow?
Other Person: Yeah, why?
Person: Don’t be, she’ll ruin your life.
by ItMeBitch November 16, 2018
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Mom Meadow is a quiet person that Has red hair when you guys first meet. Then she stops dying her hair and yerdeeder she starts talking to you and being funny too.
Meadow is cool
by Sonny boy Yerdeeder February 11, 2019
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