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Mckenzi is a girl that doesn't care about others opinions. She puts others before herself. She is very confident and outgoing. She is the life of the party.
Boy1: Wow, who's that?
Boy2: Oh that's Mckenzi, isn't she confident.
by Kenzi Mac June 23, 2017
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a girl that is very complex yet simple. She is beautiful in everyway inside and out. she keeps a smile on her face, only hiding how hurt she really is. her smile is perfect. she always knows what to say. her personality is amazing. no doubt she is loved. she is gorgeous, funny, sweet, nice, smart, and fun to hangout with. she is the life of the party. she is the one to date, she's amazing. if you get a mckenzi, hold on to her. never let her go you'll regret it.
Girl: "You seem happy today. "
boy: "I've been talking to mckenzi. "
Girl: "she's beautiful. "
Boy: "i know. i cant lose her. "
by Banannagirl September 21, 2011
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A crazy girl with a fun personality. Also loves her Cuban/Mexican men, street smart, knows how to be nasty and has big ass green eyes and is really short and thinks shes part indian. Also, she’s hilarious and funky fresh.
Person 1: Wow, is that Mckenzi cause she has big ass eyes!

Person 2: yeah! Arent they beautiful?!
by Rockysandwhich March 10, 2018
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