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McKenzie is a girl that will never give up on anyone no matter what! She loves all things and is a pretty lit person. If I never would have met McKenzie, I don't know what I would have done! She will be your best friend. If you make her mad, she will kick your butt so just don't. If you meet a McKenzie with brown hair and blue eyes, she's a keeper. Don't let a McKenzie go, you would have made the biggest mistake in your life. Btw, McKenzies are absolutely drop dead gorgeous, but they don't evem know it😭
Girl 1: "Dang look at that girl, she's so pretty I want to be her best friend."

Girl 2: "That's McKenzie, she's actually my best friend so don't trt and take her from me."
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by Billy Bob JoeIsStupid January 01, 2017

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Emily is an independent girl who usually has Brown hair and Blue eyes. Emily is a cute and lovable women. Emily is a great friend who would do anything to make her friend(s) happy. Emily is a great person who would usually chose dogs over cats. Emily is a music lover who would jam out to any sort of genre.
Girl1:Hey who is that over there?

Girl2:Thats Emily

Girl1:Oh she looks pretty friendly
Girl2:She is a great friend! Go talk to her!
by Billy Bob JoeIsStupid January 01, 2017

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