in conjunction with the name "Neil" and initial "J", as in "Neil J. McRae", is a type of troll-bot which flames anyone or anything which remotely suggests that BMW cars are imperfect in anyway. NJMcR lurks on a number of mailing lists, many of which are internet, technology or computer-game related.
Me: BMW M5, not as quick as they pretend is is
Neil J. McRae: they can't have tested it correctly, and even so it's better than your rice-boy's warm coupe.
by Mr. Uk Not troll-monger July 7, 2003
Someone who prevents an jet from taking off. Typically of the Air Force type. Often gets confused with power off and air off symbols
I was gonna take off yesterday but we got McRae'd.
by AF anonymous June 14, 2018
the chatest possible goal in fifa street. a shot to the bottom right corner, often used during the gamebreaker. Named after Kellen McRae's signature fifa street move.
Kellen-Sicking i just got a gb
Will- Hey senyor,nice McRae guy
by poonWilliam October 31, 2006
McRae's are usually really beautiful and have lots of friends and popularity. She's usually thicc. She can ruin your life if she really wants to, but most the time she stays nice and decides not to. If you hurt her or her friends she will turn to satan.
Ouuu she's thicc, she's probably a McRae.
by Coca_Cola69 June 16, 2018
an amazing person who is loved by all and has many nicknames including Mc Fat, Mc scared, Mc fag, Mc Rude, Mc gay. (also a good surfer ;))
is that chick fat.... must be McRae
by iwannabethebatman November 3, 2011