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A term used in hockey mostly to describe a player who can single handedly dominate and change a game.

A player who has so much skill they can create plays themselves by deking out the opposition.
Some current Gamebreakers - Peter Forsberg,Ales Hemsky, Rick Nash,Ilya Kovalchuk,Nikolai Zherdev,Martin Havlat,Alexander Ovechkin,Sidney Crosby,Evgeni Malkin,Marian Gaborik,Teemu Selanne,Jaromir Jagr,Joe Thornton,Steve Sullivan,Jason Spezza,Alexei Kovalev
by Matt_L89 October 25, 2006
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1. Something acheived in sports video games giving the player special abilities. Usually acheived after completing certain tasks or gathering enough style points.

2. An orgasm. The climax of sexual intercourse.
1. Good thing I got that gamebreaker, or I never would have won.

2. Man, I got two gamebreakers from your mom last night.

by bigZ_19 January 07, 2009
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Something you say when an amazing feat occurs, such as whooping a friend's ass in video games (especially Soul Calibur IV), Getting a good grade on an exam that you didn't study for, or witnessing a last minute free throw that makes it so you cover the spread on the MSU - UNC basketball embarrassment.
Kyle: Jonathan Cheechoo dekes out Rod's goalie to win the game in overtime!

by Mickey Rose April 21, 2009
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a term used to describe a male who is going out to the bars dressed his best, wearing his best cologne, with a good buzz and is groomed so well that he has the confidence to score any female. derived from EA Sports "Street" series of games, where a player can earn gamebreaker by doing enough dekes or special moves, the aforementioned requisites resembling those dekes
I got my best shirt and jeans on, and I just got my haircut. I am gonna have gamebreaker tonight
by m1990 August 07, 2010
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